Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm gonna bleed red white and blue

The last cigarette sits between my lips but I will not smoke it.

I have endless addictions;

I have given up drinking and promiscuity, I should stop smoking but I really can't, not just a physical addiction. It's an emotional outlet, previously I used hardcore as that outlet then drinking and fucking but now that I work and I have all the stresses of an 'adult'. I need my release.

I won't get it taken away from me.

On the contrary, I am still disheartened with my life at the moment, I know I have it really great compared to most people. I have a car, a good job, an amazing girl and few friends.
Something just seems missing and empty.
So I write and I write and I write. The stuff you read here is only the stuff I deem suitable for the internet.

"I've got the blues, the blues got me"

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