Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Night Breed

Turned me into someone else.
Made me act against my own desire.
I won't forget the things I've seen.
Million cries made my ears bleed.

My soul was torn apart.
On the day that I was born.
Your actions fuel my anger.
I armed myself with hate.

Endorsed By Hate

Blood drips - from your tongue!
Your ideals - my hate!
Blood drips from your tongue.
Your ideals my hate.
Just think of what you've done.
You've stolen my peacefulness away.

By your hands - they die!
Loved ones - forever lost!
By your hands they die.
Loved ones forever lost.
What have they done to you?
Hunger marks their final hour.

It's fucking hate

Feel my rage

Endorsed By Hate

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